A selection of my recent writing

This page includes links to a variety of things I’ve written. If you’re looking for examples in a specific category, please choose one of the buttons below.

An article I wrote for Canadian Healthcare Technology magazine. It starts with a story about a doughnut on p. 10. (Unfortunately, the last couple of paragraphs were clipped to save space, so it ends rather abruptly.)

A short blog post I wrote for the Women’s Enterprise Centre.

I wrote the new copy for a contractor’s website. At the top of the homepage, the copy cycles through various ways customers can use a backyard studio.

My article in the March issue of Canadian Healthcare Technology magazine. It starts on p.4.

Baby with measles.jpg

A blog post I wrote for London Drugs.


This isn’t my article. I am quoted in it, with my thoughts on working remotely.


A slightly tongue-in-cheek — but nevertheless completely true — article at Business 2 Community.

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A profile of Athabasca University learner, Jerod Dobson. Read about how a broken arm led to his career as a nurse.


A profile of Royal Astronomical Society of Canada member, Colleen O'Hare. It’s on p. 11 of the RASC bulletin.


These are the type of questions that would appear in a supplement for a university-level philosophy textbook.

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Written for Westbank Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, this article explains the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes — and the treatments for them.

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An article I wrote for the healthcare provider, Viva Care.


This is an article I wrote for Lakeside Medicine Centre Pharmacy. (The image comes from the Public Health Image Library at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)

A blog post I wrote for Custom Fit Online.

A blog post I wrote for Custom Fit Online.

In this article, I explain how small businesses can gather qualified leads by using gated content in the form of a white paper.


I enjoyed this classic book and I recommend it — especially if you are new to writing for your business or need to improve your writing skills. There are gems for writers at all stages of their careers, though. Read my review on Goodreads.


If you own a business, you’ve no doubt read plenty of advice about how to get your website to rank at the top of Google. But what if that’s just not possible?


If you’re new to writing the blog for your business, or if you haven’t written anything longer than a shopping list since college, or if you want to brush up on your rusty writing skills for any reason, there are some helpful tips in this book. For example, Handley’s tips for writing a blog post are spot on.


We are all familiar with the phenomenon of falsehoods being spread all over the internet and traditional media. This article uses the example of goldfish attention spans to remind us to take care not to become part of the problem.


This book aims to help marketers use content to better promote their businesses (or other organizations, such as charities). It offers lots of information, e.g. companies that blog have 55% more website traffic than those that don’t. It also has useful, actionable advice, some of which involves answering and recording your answers to questions that the authors pose in the book. Read my review on Goodreads.


This is my summary of an academic article recently published in the prestigious Journal of Consumer Research. It’s about marketing on social media.