Products & Pricing

I specialize in:

  • Helping you write your own blog content.

  • Writing website copy that helps you sell more products or services.

  • Writing blog posts and articles for your health-related business.

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Blog Battle Plan

If you’re a B2C business owner or entrepreneur and you want to write your own blog, the Blog Battle Plan is for you. Before you head into action and put fingers to keyboard, you’ll have a battle plan in hand so you’ll know what to write about (and won’t have to stare at that deadly blank page).

I’ll send you a questionnaire about your business and your audience. We’ll chat for an hour-ish, so I can get a handle on your brand personality. Then I’ll do some research and provide you with a 3 month content calendar of topics to cover each and every week in your blog (12 topics in total). I’ll also give you general info about SEO (search engine optimization) to help your posts get found online. Also included: Advice on how to turn your plan into action!

Blog Battle Plan = $200


Mission Support

Once you have your 3 month Blog Battle Plan, you’ll know what to write about and how to get it done. But you may find it helpful to have ongoing support and accountability. We’ll agree on deadlines by which you’ll send me drafts of each of your 12 posts for feedback.

My feedback on your drafts will include suggestions for clarity, style, and overall organization. I’ll also give you SEO (search engine optimization) guidance specific to each post. I’ll also suggest some alternative headlines. If you don’t get your posts to me by the deadline, I won’t read them. You pay for my feedback in advance, so that will light a fire under your butt to get your stuff done on time.

3 months of Mission Support = $1200

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The Territory: Website Copy

I’ll get the text on your B2C website working for you, helping you attract and convert customers in your sleep.

As well as Word or Google docs you can copy-paste from, I’ll provide a pdf mock-up of each page I write, so you can see what your new web copy will look like in action. I’ll also provide detailed notes that explain my recommendations.

If appropriate for your needs, I even include a free revision if my copy doesn’t significantly boost your website’s performance within an agreed time period. Different businesses have different time periods that make sense (e.g. some businesses have seasonal fluctuations), so we’ll discuss and agree on a revision policy before I write your copy.

Homepage or About page = $300

Landing/sales page = $450

Other web page = $200


Campaign Execution: Monthly Retainer

Retain my services for researching and writing four blog posts every month.

Since there are only so many hours in the day, I need to be picky about the clients I accept for monthly retainers. Monthly retainers are available for health-related B2C businesses only. High quality content you can rely on to build your brand’s authority — every week of every month.

4 short blog posts per month = $1600/month

4 long posts or articles per month = $3200/month