Science-based health writing

Are you looking for health writing that is not bullshit? Content that’s based on real scientific evidence, not pseudoscience or magical thinking? Excellent! That’s my cup of Earl Grey too.

Why work with me?

Experience: During the years I worked for a national science education charity, I researched many different medical treatments and practices to evaluate the evidence for them. I was responsible for clearly communicating that information in leaflets and letters for laypeople.

Education: Doing research comes naturally to me. (I have a PhD.) My university and college teaching experience means I know how to engage people and how to explain complex ideas. When you’re standing in front of a class of students with smartphones, you need to know how to get their attention!

Versatility: Blog posts, articles, e-books, newsletters, white papers... If your health-related business or publication needs any of those — tailored to your specific audience — I will do the necessary research, and produce clear and polished writing for you. So your customers can get well, stay well, and manage their own health.

If it sounds like I’m a good fit for your health business, send me an email:


BC’s Digital Technology Supercluster revving up on healthcare projects

My article in the March issue of Canadian Healthcare Technology magazine. It starts on p.4.

Baby with measles.jpg

All about measles

A blog post I wrote for London Drugs about measles and the vaccine that protects against it.


Diabetes: What is it and how can it be managed?

This article explains the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes and talks about the ways to treat these conditions. I wrote it for Westbank Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy.



A short blog post I wrote about osteoarthritis for Viva Care pharmacy.


What is acne and how can it be treated?

Written for Lakeside Medicine Centre Pharmacy, this article explain what acne is, and talks about various possible treatments.

I highly recommend Zena’s writing services! The blog post about osteoarthritis that she wrote for our pharmacy website was clear, succinct, and informative. I’d recommend Zena to anybody.
— Gary Prihar (Viva Care)