As the philosopher Harry Frankfurt wrote, “One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit.”

The morass of BS out there irritates me no end. Does it bug you too? Great! I look forward to working with you.

You won’t catch me writing about the virtues of homeopathy or climate change denialism or the anti-vaccine movement. Because those things are total BS. But if you want written content for your layperson audience that’s true, accurate, helpful, and engaging, you’ve found the brain that can give you what you want.

(Or I can help you write your own content with my Blog Battle Plan and Mission Support.)

If you crave web copy that boosts the effectiveness of your B2C website (i.e. helps it sell more or generate more leads!) that’s in my wheelhouse too. If you offer stellar services or superb products, I’d love to help you sell more of them with my persuasive copywriting techniques.

I get fired up helping you get business results.

I have years of teaching, writing, and research under my belt — including a PhD. (Yup, I really am a doctor. Just not the medical kind.) Just as important, I can make a decent cup of tea and I love Game of Thrones. If I’m your kind of writer nerd, send me an email: zena@boudicawriting.com

In case you were wondering about the name of my business...

Boudica was a Celtic queen and warrior from the area of Britain where I was born: Norfolk, on the east coast of England. Her legendary rebellion against the Romans failed, but she showed great courage and determination in the face of unjust domination. I love her spirit.

Can you tell I hate having my photo taken?

Can you tell I hate having my photo taken?

Zena writes extremely well and is a pleasure to work with. Her turn around time for content development is excellent.
— Roy McClean (Founder & Managing Director, Custom Fit Online)
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